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Cryptocurrency Strategy for Beginners - #CryptoTrading

Lo and behold, there is a strategy even to hodling.
Strategy  .  Published  · By cryptocoinzone  · Guest post by cryptocoinzone

It’s not only that crypto trading is not for everyone. The truth is that sometimes there is just not a good opportunity to trade: Too choppy, too aggressive stop hunts, volume too thin.

So, how can you turn a profit on your crypto when you don’t want to trade with your holdings?

Build a ‘hodl’ strategy

This is the simplest method ever. The basis of it is simply to decide whether you think a cryptocurrency is worth keeping for the long run, and hold it in your wallet.

With only a little more effort in your crypto holding strategy, you can make the actual profit taking much simpler for yourself:

  • First, look for good fundamentals like network effect, resistance to bad news, a use case showing that it’s more than a vaporware.
  • Once you find cryptocurrencies you want to keep, decide on how long you are willing to hold them. Ballpark is good enough: A decade? A year?
  • Next, split that period and make a mental note on how often you will re-evaluate your investment. You could go with seasonal cycles - 6 months, 1 year, or a halving cycle.
  • Every time your point of re-evaluation comes, you can decide to rebalance and take out your principal amount from the profits, or to just keep holding.

Lending your crypto

If you have significant amount of Bitcoins (or Ether, or any other cryptocurrency that is traded on an exchange) you can lend it to crypto traders and other people who will pay you interest.

There is a range of lending platforms where you can do this. There are places like Ethlend where you can lend a range of some 250 ERC-20 tokens. You can also go for margin and swap funding options for major coins via exchanges like Bitfinex, Bitmex, Poloniex etc.

For the lazy people who do not want to manually manage the lending stuff, a crypto lending bot can take care of it either for free or for a small fee.

The costs depend on whether you will go for an open-source code from Github that you will have to set up and configure yourself, or if you will go the easier way of a commercial product.

Running a Masternode

A masternode is simply a cryptocurrency full node with a wallet that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real time. By that it supports the coin’s network by hosting a full copy of the ledger.

A masternode must be always up and running and is required to perform certain special tasks in various cryptocurrencies. You as the masternode owner get compensated for your masternode doing these tasks.

Keep in mind that most projects have different amount of coins to be held in the node wallet as a minimum to start running your node as a masternode.

Also, the requirement of being up and running 24/7 might be a bit discouraging.


Staking might be the easiest way to get some extra income on some of the cryptocurrencies you hold.

It is in fact less work than holding, because it requires no strategy or evaluation - as long as you are primarily collecting more of a coin.

In order to be able to start staking, your selected coins have to follow the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism (this is the only way for stakers to be rewarded and the blockchain to be secured at the same time).

If you own the proof-of-stake coins, you just keep them in a staking wallet to generate new coins. No effort included, no minimum limit on how much of the coin you have to hold to be able to stake.

You can earn some 10% extra coins in a year by just holding and staking them. It is like a regular dividend or profit on your cryptocurrencies.

Mining and other early opportunities: Bounties, Rebates, Cashback…

Mining of the most popular proof-of-work coins (like Bitcoin) is a by and large a lost case unless you are in special circumstances. These days, mining is only really profitable if you are a big player, but if you have cheap electricity and a decent gaming PC you still can make a small profit on it.

However, the entry barriers are serious, so mining is usually limited to mining farms and professionals. There are also some cloud mining services but when you look into their terms of use you will quickly notice you will not make a single penny on it.

If you have mining rigs and cooling stuff left over from when small scale Bitcoin mining still paid, you can still turn some profit with that on the altcoin markets. There are new proof-of-work cryptocurrencies still being launched where you can get in early. On AltcoinTrading.NET, you can sometimes find out about these new coins if you browse the Crypto Airdrops section.


Last added to Crypto Airdrops, Bounties & Opportunities
Name Date How to access Official URL Additional Info
DAPPT Airdrop New Opportunity LIVE until 16 July The dapp.com pre-listing airdrop that we published in June is done now and users can withdraw their airdrop rewards. Dapp.com now opened another opportunity to earn money - there is a TRX reward for trading the DAPPT token. How to get money:Sign up on PIEXGO where DAPPT is listed with code 3I2QDP. Make at least one trade on DAPPT/USDT market. PIEXGO will snapshot user holdings every hour before 15:00 (UTC +8). Users will share a total of 30,000 TRX according to proportions of their average daily DAPPT holdings. DAPPT withdrawal PIEXGO exchange
MAXUM Crypto Airdrop As available New deflationary ERC-20 token (with a token burn rate of 2% per transaction). Because the only issue there is with the token ecosystem is inflation, or whatever. Drops for classic shilling (Twitter) and Telegram join. info form
PDATA Bounty Until 7 July PDATA is seeking to increase their brand awareness and would like to reward content producers in their native language with $20 in PDATA tokens in exchange for published articles and or videos. Maximum of 20 submissions. You should fill the pre-signup form ASAP, deadlines just now. info form
Product Protocol ERC20 Airdrop Until 22 Juny 2019 Product Protocol is a opensource protocol for crowdfunding/crowdlending campaigns based on digital assets issuing. Drops up to 18 USD worth of tokens for classic social media engagement. info join
INNOU Crypto Airdrop Limited INNOU is a new digital ecosytem and complete decentralized multimedia app. During their pre-ICO/ICO they are giving away up to 120 tokens (11 USD) for easy social media tasks. The 'Join' link takes you directly to the Telegram airdrop bot. info join
FanEspo Big Competition (ERC20) Regular Fanespo is launching a new promotion contest worth $400 in FAN tokens. Details will pop up on you when you sign up on site. Overall, the eSports platform FanEspo is giving away the total of $1.6 million of tokens in contests. You need to have a FanEspo account, the tokens you get are testnet but they will be transferred into real tokens upon launch. details make acct
Ethereum Card Airdrop Until end of June 2019 The escrow service on Ethereum is giving away up to 100 ETHCD tokens (15 USD) for a signup through referral and social media joins. Sign up with email and in your dashboard click "Join Airdrop". info sign up
Lunox LNX Airdrop Until end of June 2019 A retail marketplace that for some reason uses blockchain technology. Drops ERC20 tokens for social media shilling. info form
Bethereum Photo Contest Until end June 2019 Bethereum, the betting platform on ETH, is giving away prizes in a social media campaign to the platform users who take a photo of the platform in an unexpected place, post it as a comment and hashtag it #BethereumAnywhere Twitter. The monthly prizes of 25K Bether, AND 3 grand prizes of 100K BETHER! join platform photo thread
BlockWage Airdrops + Bounties Recurring Platform for freelancers marketplace. Airdrops randomly announced via Discord, there's also the possibility of Masternodes. join web
BitForex Exchange Launch Promo Limited The new altcoin trading platform is dropping exchange tokens to new signups. You get 20 BF for your signup with code 2178778 and can earn more for referrals, limited at 30k BF. details make acct

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