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In P2P arbitrage, you earn money on a small markup that you circle around as fast as you can. The way to earn in this trading strategy is not necessarily by having a ton of capital (although that helps) but moving it around quickly.

trading technique · 07/02/22



Times have changed! Now you will be able to find professional grade semi-regulated trading platforms for spot, futures and options markets for almost any geolocation in the world...As well as the OG-style trading dens that sometimes still do not require KYC.

Web3 (uses localcryptos  )
What is Web3 and what does it have to do with cryptocurrencies?
Dino Alts (uses independent-reserve  localcryptos  )
What are dino cryptos and why are they important?
Arb (Arbing, Arbitrage) (uses localcryptos  independent-reserve  shrimpy  )
What do crypto traders call arbing and how to do it?
P2P (uses localcryptos  )
P2P in ATNET Crypto glossary. What does P2P stand for in crypto?
LBC (uses localcryptos  )
What do crypto traders call LBC, why is it now dangerous and what to use instead.