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Kc  · 09/01/22


This is a list of all we have at AltcoinTrading.NET that deals with wyckoff. There might be good stuff in the glossary if you're new, or in trading strategies.

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TA and non-TA trading strategy writeups

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Featured blog post on wyckoff

Wyckoff theory hinges on direct effects of changes in supply and demand. Its weakness is that as every TA it assumes that those supply and demand changes were done rationally and also with no agenda.

cheatsheets · 06/27/23


Wyckoff method of avoidance means to trade only the best stocks in the leading sectors. How to apply this motto when trading cryptocurrencies?

Tradingview multichart layout is available even for users on FREE plan. Here is how to set up multiple charts in one Tradingview window and how to use the setup in your analysis.

technical · 04/08/22


...more how-to guides on wyckoff

Crab Market 🦀 (uses tradingview  )
Crab market in ATNET Crypto glossary. What do crypto traders call Crab market?
Sideways Market (uses tradingview  )
What is a sideways market, also known as ranging market, and how to trade it.
Wyckoff (simplified) (uses bitfinex  )
What is the gist of Wyckoff method and how to make use of it.
Pattern Trading (Formation Trading) (uses deribit  bitfinex  )
What is pattern trading and what are the best performing formation patterns to watch for in crypto.