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Kc  · 09/01/22

Ichimoku Cloud / AltcoinTrading.NET glossary

Ichimoku cloud 101 and links to all the in-depth guides and strategies.
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Key Points / Ichimoku Cloud

  1. Ichimoku cloud is a technical indicator suitable best for longer timeframes

  2. It is developed to give a “single glance” idea about the structure of the market

  3. Single glance is also loosely the meaning of the Japanese term Ichimoku.

  4. the single-glance market information is whether the market is weak or strong.

  5. Tools for Ichimoku Cloud: #tradingview 

Ichimoku Trading Strategies

Traders typically set their entries and exits around the borders of the filled-out part of Ichimoku (The Kumo), most often with the help of other indicators.

As mentioned, Ichimoku works best on longer timeframes. The reason is that on shorter timeframes the Kumo cloud “flips” too often and the information you get from it is close to random. Still, some traders like to use Ichimoku for scalping. We believe there are better tools for that, but then whatever works for you…

Where to get Ichimoku

Ichimoku cloud is one of the default indicators available on TradingView, even with the free plan. You can find it in the public indicator library.

Read our list of tools for crypto traders for more free and freemium options.

An indepth look at Ichimoku Cloud is here.

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