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BGD [Crypto Trading Glossary]

jargon     · [trading]

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What do crypto traders call BGD and how to trade it?

In the crypto trader jargon, BGD is short for “big green dildo”. BGD is a large green candle painted at some substantial timeframe (4H, 1D).

What is a valid BGD?

BGD must be noticeably big candle on a timeframe of at least 3H or 4H.

Calling a BGD on a short timeframe chart (such as 5M or 30M) will typically result in prompts to “zoom out”, which is to consider the bigger picture by switching to a longer timeframe chart before reacting sensationally.

Opposite of BGD

The opposite of BGD is a “Big Red Dildo”, BRD, a big red candle on a longer timeframe chart.

Alernative names for BGD

Some cryptocurrency traders may also call a BGD the “Jesus candle” and BRD the “Judas candle”.


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