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Kc  · 09/01/22

Mewn / AltcoinTrading.NET glossary

Mewn in ATNET Crypto glossary. What does Mewn stand for in crypto?
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Key Points / Mewn

  1. In crypto trading jargon, mewn is a variation on moon.

  2. The intentional misspelling was invented to get around content filters in online communities.

  3. Moon will refer to exclamations such as “To the moon!” and similar, in other words an extremely bullish sentiment.

  4. Tools for Mewn: #tradingview 

Why did crypto traders start using the word Mewn

When spoken, mewn sounds the same as moon. This new variation is used mostly in trollboxes, in the TradingView crypto chat, on forums or in Telegram groups.

Mewn came to existence after most of the above listed places implemented auto-banning bot based on restricted phrases. “Moon” was one of the words that would trigger ban, because during market action many users would spam the chat with exuberant shouts of “To the moon!”, making actual conversation impossible.

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