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Launching a Token? Here's 7 Tips To Find The Best Blockchain Marketing Agency

06/27/23 · Reports · This is not a financial advice
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Note: This report was written in 2022 and remains published for reference purposes.

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Every industry, including the blockchain industry, requires exemplary marketing to help good projects thrive and stand out in the said industry. It is necessary to stand out positively to build trust, attract customers and gain a user base.

For this, you will probably need a marketing agency. It’s a lot of work to get enough exposure in the industry now.

How then will you know who's the best agency and who's not? Worry not; this article will give you tips to help you with the selection process. Read on!

7 things to always consider when choosing blockchain marketers

  1. Look At The Agency’s Marketing Strategy

    There are various marketing techniques available that blockchain agencies utilize when serving their clients. They range from social media to content marketing and many others - not all of them effective and not all of them ethical.

    Ask the blockchain marketing agency what method they'll use for your business.

    Analyze these methods and see if the agency's approach aligns with your company goals and beliefs. The blockchain marketing agency you're considering might still be using old strategies like print or radio ads that may not be helpful for your business.

    Or they might be using unethical marketing strategies such as misleading statements and insensitive content that may harm your business. Both of you should come to an understanding; if they aren't willing to accommodate your business beliefs, do away with them and continue the search.

    When you're both on the same page, you'll have a smooth working relationship, and no party will feel dissatisfied.

  2. Stick To Your Budget

    Blockchain is a high-yield industry which makes for high costs of marketing.

    Still, your budget should be your guiding principle when selecting a blockchain marketing agency.

    You should seek the services of an agency that'll work with your budget and still offer quality services. From your budget, get the best value for it. You might be tempted to overspend due to the promises a marketing agency might be making.

    However, please judge carefully here, especially in the blockchain industry. Remember, you still have other business operations that need financing.

  3. Consider Experience

    Experience is key since it determines the quality of services you'll get. Therefore, you need to ask the agency the number of years they've been in business.

    More years in the cryptocurrency industry means they've worked with various clients and know what will and won't work.

    However, besides focusing on the years in business, you also need to inquire about their success stories. How many clients did they have where their strategies worked? Ask for a list of references, whom you can call later to confirm their capabilities. This way, you can rest assured you're working with a competent agency.

  4. Consider Location

    Select a blockchain marketing agency within your target location so that you can be sure they are in touch with what your audience wants.

    Proximity to your business would mean a faster response to any issues you have. But being in the same time zone if you aren't in the same locality is usually good enough. Alternatively, look for an agency that has a reliable communication tools.

  5. Up-to-date With Technology Advancements

    The advancement of technology they use will determine efficiency and effectiveness in serving your business.

    Staying behind on the innovations in blockchain tech, it will make it harder for you to keep up with your competitors in the blockchain industry who are utilizing new technologies.

    Do online research about the latest innovations in the blockchain industry and ask your marketing agency about them; inquire if they are familiar with them and whether they worked with them before.

    Alternatively, seek insight from your IT team. They're much more knowledgeable about technology and know what features to look out for that determine a tool's performance.

  6. Consider Flexibility

    The blockchain industry is ever-changing, also in terms of regulations.

    The best blockchain marketing agency should be flexible enough to adapt to any developments in the industry and regulatory space regarding Bitcoin or any other currency.

    With them being flexible, you can be assured they'll streamline your operations to suit the changes. This way, your business won't be non-compliant in any way due to the lack of know-how.

  7. Determine Their Team Size

    An agency's team size indicates its capability to serve your marketing operations. How?

    In most cases, you'll not be the only client the blockchain marketing agency will be having. Therefore, if the agency has a small team, how sure are you that they'll serve you efficiently? Won't their workers be overwhelmed with the workload and end up operating without considering quality? Where does this leave you as a business?

    The marketing agency's team size is also a tell-tale sign of their competency. If a team is large, it means they have enough customers, and they're trusted by many other businesses out there. This gives you some assurance of their capability in service delivery.

Bottom line

As seen, determining the best blockchain marketing agency for your business doesn't require that much. But every aspect discussed should not be taken lightly and be considered well for the success of your blockchain marketing. Implement the tips herein to select the best agency for your cryptocurrency business.

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