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OXY coin - Where to buy, trade and stake (KYC or without KYC)

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Looking for a way to get ahead in the DeFi game? Oxygen Protocol might just be the answer.

OXY is the token of the Oxygen platform provide a prime brokerage designed specifically for DeFi applications and users. The OXY token powers the entire operation, its purpose is making it more democratic and efficient for everyone involved.

The most innovative part of Oxygen’s work in DeFi is the protocol for lending. It’s fully P2P and aims to provide faster, cheaper and easier access to credit. This is making borrowing and lending money more accessible for everyone involved.

Where to buy OXY coin for fiat

To buy OXY coin in a single step for fiat, you need to get KYC verified. There’s a couple of exchanges that list OXY and let you buy it for fiat, the most popular place is FTX. has multiple OXY coin markets - one spot market denominated in USD and then perps and quarterlies for the derivatives.

Binance and Bitfinex don’t list OXY. You can get OXY through Genesis OTC though.

OXY coin stakes directly on the Oxygen Platform at June 2022 rates of 3% APY. Here’s a link to the interface:

Where to buy OXY coin without KYC

The OXY coin is not yet available in the USA sister platforms of neither Binance nor FTX.

It is a pretty high-finance friendly project, so it looks like that might be just a matter of time. But if you want to buy OXY coin right now and can’t use FTX or Genesis, you will need to do the two-step process.

First buy USDT (Tether) on any exchange that lets you and then trade your Tether for OXY coin on AscendEX. AscendEX is a crypto trading platform with the native token ASD that we covered here.

You can also buy OXY on the decentralized platforms UniSwap and SushiSwap.

Staking OXY coin

The Oxygen platform provides its own staking pool.

To stake OXY coin, go to the staking app at and connect your wallet. Oxygen supports any wallet that is good for Solana tokens - Sollet, Phantom, Coin98.

Since there are swaps for OXY on UniSwap and SushiSwap, you can also yield income by LP staking, that is by providing liquidity to the OXY swaps on UniSwap and SushiSwap.

Where to trade OXY coin

If all you want to do is speculate on the price of OXY coin, then you will probably want to make an account at FTX as that’s where the fee is the lowest.

Anyone opening a new FTX account pays just 0.02% for limit orders or 0.07% for market. You may also add 5% referral code savings, as well as exchange token savings if you decide to hold FTT. Use FTX referral code altcointrading.

Crypto wallets that support OXY coin

OXY coin can be stored in multicoin Solana wallets like Sollet, Phantom, Coin98.

If you prefer hardware wallets, OXY coin can be stored in Ledger. Any Ledger wallet will do, but if you work with DeFi, go at least for the Ledger Nano S Plus, which has more memory and can take over 100 different crypto apps at once.

To stake OXY coin, go to the staking app at and connect your wallet.

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