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Kc  · 09/01/22

How to buy, trade or stake Tezos in 2022

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All you need to know about Tezos in 2022, plus list of places where to buy, trade or stake XTZ based on your location.
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Tezos is a business-oriented blockchain that runs on the Proof-of-Stake algo and sports higher security of smart contracts, code standards good for mission critical industries and support from the international business community.

In this post, we will look at the best places to buy or trade Tezos.

Further down we’ll get into all you need to know about the Tezos in 2022 - it developed quite a bit since its launch in 2018.

Where to buy Tezos

  • US and EU The safest place to purchase Tezos from the US and EU is the Kraken exchange.
  • UAE Don’t miss this opportunity you are looking to buy Tezos in UAE.
  • APAC If you are in Singapore or thereabouts, Phemex is the best exchange for you.

If you are looking to buy Tezos with no KYC, you can do so on the smaller Hong-Kong outfit Bitforex or more traditionally at Bitfinex.

For contract trading and Tezos derivatives, your best platform is which runs Tezos perps, Tezos futures and markets for TEZOSBEAR/TEZOSBULL contracts. There is no spot market for XTZ, however.

As for staking Tezos, Bitfinex stakes your XTZ Exchange wallet deposits for you automatically. Other than that, Tezos staking is available in Exodus, Ledger and other common staking wallets.

All you need to know about Tezos

For all the crypto and blockchain enthusiasts out there who haven’t heard about Tezos when it first launched, Tezos is a decentralized blockchain platform of the kind that in fintech circles is called ecosystem.

Tezos was developed with the purpose to store and transfer digitized assets with less overhead and administrative costs than is still common in most industries - cross-border finance, international trade, heavy industries, you name it.

Additionally, one of the key features of the whole platform operations is the innovative governance system, which Tezos distributes among the people who hold the coins.

Any changes in the codebase of the Tezos platform are an open subject for the community. It is the holders of the coin who need to evaluate and approve any new developments and implementations. So, the platform is directly lead by the active part of the community of the users. This is an experimental collaborative approach, but the Tezos platform bets on it with its own future.

  1. Blockchain work dynamics

    So, Tezos is an ecosystem.

    The Tezos blockchain is a custom-made blockchain, incompatible with the likes of Bitcoin or Ethereum. The cryptocurrency token of Tezos blockchain is called XTZ (Tez).

    Tezos runs on the Proof-of-Stake mechanism. That means you can stake Tez to yield passive income. Tezos staking is available in Exodus, Ledger and other staking wallets and is quite popular.

    It also means that Tezos is more eco-friendly than most blockchains, which is important for the following two points.

  2. Potential use of Tezos

    Tezos was the brainchild of two international trade professionals. No surprise that it is designed to provide the quality and security standards that are required in industries that serve public infrastructure and military.

    From the start, the project was build around the practices common in mission-critical industries like aerospace or semiconductor.

    This is also where the application of Tezos should be sought. The time is perhaps not there yet, but when the demand from those industries comes, Tezos will be among the few good candidates to respond to it.

  3. Investing in Tezos

    If you haven’t been around for the launch of Tezos in 2018, you have sure missed a spectacle. The promo of the initial coin offering was out of proportion, even though it was just another blockchain in (back then) a few hundred others that already existed.

    Tezos was billed as the alt coin that will make Bitcoin obsolete. So far, that clearly did not happen for either Tezos or the line of other altcoins that were promoted as the same.

    That said, Tezos has been doing quite fine over the years. The community of active users has built up well, business interest exists and as for the future of Tezos, one very positive property of the platform is that it is eco-friendly.

Final Note

The world of crypto and blockchain is ever-changing. Just a couple of years back, people were sure that the fiat model of finance couldn't be beaten. It seems that the consensus has changed since then. Tezos is playing its part, changing the future of how corporations do business.

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