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To The Moon! in ATNET Crypto glossary. What does it stand for in crypto?

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In crypto trading communities, To the moon! is an exuberant exclamation common during market runups.

A trollbox-friendly variation of “To The Moon!” would be “To the mewn!”

“Moon” in mainstream media

October 2020 Forbes article analysing Paypal’s Bitcoin strategy casually mentions the expectation of the “moon”:

Think about it. If you think that the value of a bitcoin is going to the moon (and will be worth $1 million each within five years, as this former Goldman Sachs GS hedge fund person has just predicted) then why would you waste even a tiny fraction of a bitcoin buying a pizza or a Pez dispenser?

Beware of The “ToTheMoonGuy”

There is an old (still active!) reddit account u/tothemoonguy whom redditors page when they asre feeling like the crypto markets just launched and will rise and rise forever.

The legend has it the top is near once u/tothemoonguy gets gilded.

What is the moon for crypto?

According to MoonMath, the “moon” for crypto traders seems to be on the level of seven figures USD per 1 BTC.

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