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How to use Tensor Charts

TensorCharts are an advanced charting platform servicing crypto traders exclusively. It has tools like candle footprint, orderbook heatmap or trades counter.

TensorCharts run on free and premium subscription models. Create your free TensorCharts account here

RTFM: Full TensorCharts Documentation

The community-sourced documentation is now available as a website at docs.tensorcharts.com. It is very brief but it outlines all the important features of Tensor Charts which you then can easily google. Arguably, this is the place where you should start to see which Tensor Charts features will actually be useful for your trading style.

THE BASICS: How to read TensorCharts?

For the basics, there is a couple of walkthrough videos on YouTube (cca 1 minute each).

Playlist of introductory TensorCharts video tutorials on YouTube

SCALPING: How to use TensorCharts for scalping?

Our trading strategy post on scalping features TensorCharts heavily. You can read it here or download it in PDF below.


Technical Indicators on TensorCharts: CVD / Cumulative Volume Delta

If you learn to read it properly it helps you spot price reversals - hence the note in the tutorial below about the predictive game.

"Counter-Trading with CVD" by Bitcoin Trading Challenge (28 mins)


Crypto Trading Strategy #LongReads featuring TensorCharts

Blogs & Guides featuring TensorCharts


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