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Guest Posting at Altcointrading.net


Image: Terms and requirements for guest posting at altcointrading.net

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Guest posts that aren't promotional content are published for free.

Important: We run multiple websites related to blockchain and crypto in addition to altcointrading.net, the decision on which one your submission will be published is ours, only ours, and ours only. If you want to retain editorial control and the right to decide on the location of your submission, opt for paid posting.

Terms and requirements for guest posting:

* minimum of 300 words length
* content related to crypto trading, tech or security
* no scams, ponzi schemes or pump'n'dump groups
* guest post ready and uploaded to docdroid.net
**Important**: If your guest article features a cryptocurrency we require you to end your article with a disclosure (position in the mentioned cryptocurrency or intention of opening a position within 48 hours after publishing).


* Disclosure: I am/we are short TICKER.
* Disclosure: I am/we are long TICKER.
* Disclosure: I/we own TICKER.
* Disclosure: I am/we are not having an open position in TICKER nor the intention to open one within 48 hours of publishing.

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