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Kc  · 09/01/22

How to Identify Cryptocurrencies Worth Investing In: 5 Beginner Tips

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Knowing which cryptocurrency is worth investing in may be challenging now that literal thousands of them are on the market.

So, if you're a newbie investor, you may want to buy cryptos that can generate huge returns. While this is possible, you should also consider that crypto investing isn't a quick-rich scheme.

It requires the strategies, effort, emotional control and time to make your investment gain traction.

Either way, even while you're getting started, you may want to consider the following tips when choosing the cryptos to buy:

  1. Check The Revenue

    The first is to understand the crypto's economic impact or revenue model. The crypto should have solutions or aims to generate some money or solve problems for its ecosystem. That's because it's a financial asset, after all. From startups to partners, node operators to miners, their objectives should positively impact such ecosystems.

    For instance, Bitcoin aims to let anyone from across the world pay using such crypto. It makes payment quicker and less expensive than those conventional payment methods in the bank or Government. This means that such a payment scheme could be one of the preferred ways of making it worth an investment.

    There are other cryptos with a good objective, and you can find them on most crypto trading platforms and top copy trading bots.

  2. Learn More About Fundamental Analysis

    Here, you need to understand the crypto's foundations, including their strengths, ambitions, and team. The information about these fundamentals will help you gauge if crypto has a good investment potential for the long term.

    Also, this is essential to know if the asset is undervalued or overvalued. Most traders can conclude that crypto has a trading opportunity if the fundamental analysis shows that its current market price differs from its fair market value. You're more likely to buy such crypto because it's undervalued. But if it's overvalued, then selling it is the best strategy.

  3. Spread The Risk

    Your crypto choices should also consider risk because some cryptos are more volatile than others, it's best to diversify your risk. This means buying stable cryptos, such as Bitcoin, the oldest digital currency, making it the safest bet for crypto investors.

    The other cryptos are called altcoins, and some of them may also be stable cryptos. These include XRP, LTC, ETH, and the like. Buying them will help you balance your portfolio. Also, this means you can buy coins that are still new, but their volatility is higher.

    Volatile cryptos' prices can suddenly go high or low, so they're also good. However, it's still best to keep them at a minimum percentage.

  4. Check The Market Capitalization

    Most importantly, you should check crypto's market capitalization, which indicates an asset's market value, popularity, and dominance.

    Experts say that safe crypto investment is large-cap cryptocurrencies. “Large-cap” means their market cap is worth more than USD$10 billion. Although these cryptos are usually more volatile than stocks and other traditional assets, such coins are still less volatile and less risky than most altcoins.

    You may also want to consider mid-cap cryptos. They have more growth potential than large-cap cryptos, but they're also more volatile than them.

    Meanwhile, small-cap cryptos have higher risk and are highly volatile than mid-and large-cap coins. Although they may have a lot of growth potential, this may only be for the short term. This means they could crash from one minute to the next, so it's best to invest only a little of your assets if you want to.

  5. Trading Volume

    However, the market cap doesn't let you understand the crypto's actual trading volumes over the last hours. Thus, you should also check the crypto's 24-hour trading volume.

    Trading volume is vital to gauge the coin's health. You can use this with other metrics, such as market cap, to check the crypto's potential for success. The higher the volume is, the more popular it's in the market since it shows how many people are selling or buying the coin. Knowing such numbers can help you identify a potential breakout in its price. Also, this can indicate a possible change in trend, such as bullish or bearish, allowing you to establish your trading position.


In the crypto world, there is a lot of complexity that might be harder to decipher. So, investing in cryptos can be profitable if you know which coins to buy. Before doing so, you first need to consider the tips above. That way, you can avoid putting your assets in coins that may not give you profits in the long run.

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