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Kc  · 09/01/22

ASD coin (AscendEx) - Where to buy and trade

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ASD is the token that powers the AscendEX ecosystem. The AscendEX app has a crypto exchange, a staking platform and a reward center.

ASD is a staking coin that offers incentives to holders. ASD tokens offer VIP levels and less transaction fees to those who hold them. Additionally, they can be used in investment products for daily rewards, in Point Card for 50% discounted margin interest, and in AscendEX Auction.

The estimated APY from end of May 2022 is over 9% for ASD staking. Transaction fees start at 5000 tokens held.

On top of that, AscendEX offers to their community other blockchain tokens on discount prices. For instance, you could get APE coin or OMI coin in April 2022 at a discount during a short window and then sell it within 24 hours for over 80% profit. You have to buy in bulk, though.

Use ASD tokens to your advantage - there’s plenty of ways to do that. Or just hold onto them and enjoy all the benefits they have to offer.

Where to buy ASD coin for fiat

Buying ASD coin directly for fiat will need you to get KYC verified. There’s a couple of exchanges that list ASD and let you buy it for fiat, the largest one is FTX. has two ASD coin markets for ASD ERC20 - one denominated in USD and one ASD perps swap market. Additionally, there’s a set of the ASD bull-bear prediction markets on FTX.

The AscendEX platform of course lists its native token as well, but only in a Tether market.

Binance and Phemex don’t list ASD.

ASD coin stakes on the AscendEX platform. Here’s the AscendEX official guide into staking crypto from the AscendEX mobile app:

Where to buy ASD other than at FTX

If you want to buy ASD coin for fiat but you can’t use the FTX international platform, you will need to do the two-step process.

First buy USDT (Tether) on any exchange that lets you and then trade your Tether for ASD coin on the AscendEX own platform.

The ASD coin is not yet available in the USA sister platforms of neither Binance nor FTX.

Where to trade ASD coin

If all you want to do is speculate on the price of ASD coin, then you will probably need to make an account at FTX. FTX has the industry’s lowest trading fees. Use FTX referral code altcointrading.

In case you are in the USA, you won’t be able to use FTX. But you can always trade ASD on AscendEX, which offers even leveraged products and derivatives. The AscendEX platform was hacked in early 2022 and lost 77 MM USD.

Crypto wallets that support ASD coin

The ERC20 version of ASD coin can be stored in Metamask.

To stake ASD coin, go to the staking app at AscendEX.

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