NO-ICO - CRYPTOCURRENCY PROJECTS WITHOUT ICO FUNDING - Featured no-ICO cryptocurrency projects: People who develop a project in the cryptocurrency space without an ICO backing and funding.


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Feature  22 Feb 2018
List of No-ICO Tools for Crypto Traders and Investors
Last update 01 Sep 2019: Curated list of tools for crypto traders. If you want to add a tool, comment below the article and also post your crypto address if you want people to send in donations.
Feature  22 Jan 2018
Another better Coinmarketcap - with a heatmap tool
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Bitgur has heatmaps of six different metrics: Not only price change of coins per time period but also neat stuff like unusual volume spikes.
Blog  19 Jan 2018
First ever iOS wallet for Monero
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Coinomi integration will be available soon but Cakewallet is already hitting the AppStore.
Trading Tool  10 Jan 2018
TensorCharts - Crypto charting app with Orderbook Heatmap, Counter's Ratio and more
Last update 25 Feb 2020: Best crypto trading tool for your crypto 5-min chart strategy, scalping and market health analysis. TensorCharts are available free in the basic version that is still good for scalpers.
Feature  07 Jan 2018
Review of Launching early in 2018, pre-registration available now.
Last update 29 Jun 2019: New exchange built on atomic swaps with Josh Olzsewicz on board. You can play with the atomic swaps on testnet now.
Blog  29 Nov 2017 - New Tool for Crypto Traders
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Coinloop, the crypto trader's dashboard, is a new no-ICO tool for crypto traders. It comes with a slick UI, signals from an AI script and it is for free.

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