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Trading Strategy   UPDATE 09 Mar 2018, 16:59 UTC  PUBLISHED 17 Jul 2016
Technical Analysis: Divergences (With a Graphic Cheatsheet)
Trading Strategy   UPDATE 09 Apr 2018, 13:48 UTC  PUBLISHED 01 Jul 2016
Cryptocurrency Trading with the Ichimoku Cloud
Trading Basics   UPDATE 13 Mar 2018, 15:21 UTC  PUBLISHED 30 May 2016
Technical Analysis in Altcoin Trading

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Blog  14 Jun 2018
SEC - Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities; market rebounds
Last update 26 Jun 2018: Quick debrief on some other topics that emerged as the SEC ruled BTC and ETH not a security.
Blog  29 May 2018
The Stability of Stablecoins
Last update 26 Jun 2018: Isn't it just NuBits all over again? The utility of stablecoins at the current stage of crypto might be misunderstood.
Blog  23 Apr 2018
Monero Forks Recap in April 2018
Last update 26 Jun 2018: Checking back on the bunch of 'real Monero' projects from April '18', plus all you need to know about the MoneroV fork that is coming up.
Blog  08 Apr 2018  · Guest post by CryptoDisrupt
Token Marketing #1: Twitter's Crypto Ban
Last update 20 Apr 2018: An intro to the seemingly anti-crypto shitstorm that hit all social media at the start of April 2018.
Feature  08 Mar 2018
LeverJ Review: Non-custodial derivative trading
Last update 13 Mar 2018: A mixture of DEx and a centralized platform so that the trading does not get sluggish when other folks play Cryptokitties.
Blog  26 Feb 2018
Thomas Lee on how millennials probably will make the cryptocurrency market
Last update 26 Feb 2018: Millennials are such a big segment that they should be able to move even the housing market up, not even to speak about cryptocurrencies.
Feature  22 Feb 2018
List of No-ICO Tools for Crypto Traders and Investors
Last update 07 Aug 2018: Curated list of tools for crypto traders. If you want to add a tool, comment below the article and also post your crypto address if you want people to send in donations.
Blog  24 Jan 2018
Weiss rating of cryptocurrencies is due today at 8AM UTC
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Updated with some commentary on the whole event.
Feature  22 Jan 2018
Another better Coinmarketcap - with a heatmap tool
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Bitgur has heatmaps of six different metrics: Not only price change of coins per time period but also neat stuff like unusual volume spikes.
Feature  10 Jan 2018
TensorCharts - Free charting webapp where you'll get to watch the whales
Last update 06 Jul 2018: TensorCharts are available free for now - February 2018 update adds Bitstamp, BitMEX, Binance and GDAX to Bitfinex data.
Feature  07 Jan 2018
Review of Launching early in 2018, pre-registration available now.
Last update 17 Mar 2018: New exchange built on atomic swaps with Josh Olzsewicz on board. You can play with the atomic swaps on testnet now.
User Guide  03 Jan 2018
New cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in 2018
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Added Kucoin. Find new emerging cryptocurrency exchanges for your altcoin trading in 2018 (and avoid potential drama).
Blog  28 Dec 2017
How is it with arbitrage opportunities in South Korea
Last update 04 Apr 2018: To summarize what is known as everyone seems to be interested in that at the moment.
Blog  29 Nov 2017 - New Tool for Crypto Traders
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Coinloop, the crypto trader's dashboard, is a new no-ICO tool for crypto traders. It comes with a slick UI, signals from an AI script and it is for free.
Blog  05 Oct 2017
RefToken: Someone's making an ERC20 coin for affiliate business and ethtrader isn't hyping it at all
Last update 17 Mar 2018: ICO in a country that won't sweat it in a niche that actually needs the product. You wouldn't expect to hear about it on Reddit, would you.
Blog  02 Oct 2017  · Guest post by atc2017
Sentiment: Altcoin Analytics Primer - NEO
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Maynard Keynes said in relation to some markets that 'we devote our intelligence to anticipating what average opinion expects the average opinion to be'.
Blog  15 Sep 2017
China bans Bitcoin show season 3
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Is China also trying to stop mining?
Blog  28 Aug 2017
Demand for cryptocurrency in Asia just got less mysterious
Last update 17 Mar 2018: It might be inventing random reasons, but there is some general truth in people searching for uncorrelated assets.
Blog  06 Aug 2017
Bitfinex is not planning to resolve the banking issues for retail customers
Last update 04 Apr 2018: News straight from the horse's mouth.
11 Jul 2017
GBYTE, airdrops and where to trade blackbytes
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Byteball is a payment network that makes it easy to set conditional payments - finalize payment only if condition is met - similar to ethereum smart contracts but more user-friendly.
Blog  18 Jun 2017
Lending in the time of chain split
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Collecting the data on exchange policy in case of Bitcoin network split. If you lend out bitcoins, you need to read this.
Blog  15 Jun 2017
Tezos fundraiser scheduled 1 July
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Updated - Details about the funding ways, conditions set by Bitcoin Suisse and conversion rates from BTC
News  04 Jun 2017
Bitfinex is adding IOTA trading
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Bitfinex just issued a statement they will be adding IOTA pairs. IOTA is the blockchain for the internet of things.
02 Jun 2017
What you need to know about QTUM
Last update 17 Mar 2018: The business friendly blockchain from Asia, they say. The token is traded on BTER and Yunbi or you can trade contracts on BitMEX.
Blog  31 May 2017
BAT/ETH trading is live
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Don't send them any more ETH folks, you didn't get in.
Blog  31 May 2017
OkCoin resumed BTC withdrawals
Last update 17 Mar 2018: We've got news from @cnLedger
Blog  31 May 2017
OkCoin Intl is adding ETH on June 1st 2017
Last update 17 Mar 2018:, the --happy trading environment for everyone--, is adding ETH trading - that's spot ETH trading, don't forget the futures have moved to
Opinion  22 May 2017
Ripple vs Stellar
Last update 17 Mar 2018: Ripple's end of 2017 epic bull run is closely followed by Stellar price action. How do Ripple vs Stellar compare?
Blog  20 May 2017
How the legacy finance might be feeling about cryptocurrencies
Last update 17 Mar 2018: This comes from a mainstream finance & investing newsletter.
Opinion  25 Apr 2017
The Gnosis thing
Last update 14 Mar 2018: A prediction market, like Augur -- but this one made it to Forbes somehow.
Blog  13 Apr 2017
Opinion: Time in the market vs timing the market
Last update 26 Jun 2018: They say that in the long run, time in the market beats timing the market. With the short term direction you cannot know for sure - even technical and fundamental analysis together with Reddit sentiment can only give you what's likely, not what's hundred percent sure.
Opinion  22 Mar 2017
Cryptosignal - ETH Hashrate vs Price Correlation
Last update 26 Jun 2018: A data scientist created a free tool that lets you correlate the dollar price of ETH with hash rate, difficulty or daily number of transactions - that's a free altcoin trading signal.
Trading Strategy  08 Mar 2017
Avoidance Strategy in Altcoin Trading
Last update 06 Feb 2018: The Wyckoff style is to trade only the best stocks in the leading sectors. Can you use this motto when trading cryptocurrencies?
UserGenerated  06 Mar 2017
TradingView users on DASH: March 7th 2017
Last update 26 Jun 2018: Selection of ideas regarding the recent DASH price action.
UserGenerated  06 Aug 2016
The Finexening - Bitfinex hack
Last update 31 Jan 2018: Bitfinex was hacked in August 2016. Read the basic info about the hack and the best of Reddit's response on the Bitfinex hack from back then.
29 Jul 2016
How to get free ETC out of thin air
Last update 26 Jun 2018: There is no code implemented to stop duplicating coins from one chain to another. Free money!
24 Jul 2016
Ethereum Classic on Poloniex today, on Bitfinex soon
Last update 26 Jun 2018: What is Ethereum Classic and how it came about. Sure you can trade it on Poloniex as ETHC, Bitfinex will follow suit.
Trading Strategy  17 Jul 2016
Technical Analysis: Divergences (With a Graphic Cheatsheet)
Last update 09 Mar 2018: Divergence is a disagreement between price and an oscillating indicator. It is not strong enough an indicator to enter a position but it gives an idea of the state of the market.
15 Jul 2016
Ethereum hard fork and your positions on exchanges
Last update 26 Jun 2018: ETH will undergo a hard fork as a response to the DAO hack. Good thing is you don't need to do anything.
Trading Strategy  01 Jul 2016
Cryptocurrency Trading with the Ichimoku Cloud
Last update 09 Apr 2018: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is an indicator that looks far too complex to learn for traders with 5 seconds attention spans. Once you know what it does it makes your trading so much easier though.
22 Jun 2016
All about the DAO hack
Last update 26 Jun 2018: A summary of what is going on with DAO's and ETH
17 Jun 2016
ETH is selling off...
Last update 26 Jun 2018: ...and exchanges are crashing left and right.
09 Jun 2016
Some more ICOs in 2016?
Last update 26 Jun 2018: In case you missed DAO, Lisk and Waves you might be firing up the search engines in the mighty state of FOMO. Well, there is not much to miss this year.
06 Jun 2016
What's Waves Platform
Last update 26 Jun 2018: Waves is a decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations.
Trading Basics  30 May 2016
Technical Analysis in Altcoin Trading
Last update 13 Mar 2018: Indicators work. Sometimes. Should you use technical analysis when trading altcoins?
27 May 2016
Last update 26 Jun 2018: Lisk launched trading on Poloniex just a few days ago and is currently going through the initial fad pump. Will it last though?
24 May 2016
Ethereum sentiment - Where to get reliable information?
Last update 26 Jun 2018: Now right in the midst of The DAO (ETH), LISK (BTC) and Coinbase rebranding to GDAX
19 May 2016
Buy the rumor, sell the news
Last update 26 Jun 2018: There are serious rumors going on that ETH trading is being added to Coinbase and OKCoin.
12 Apr 2016
Buy and sell altcoins in one day
Last update 26 Jun 2018: Is altcoin daytrading possible?
User Guide  07 Mar 2016
Earning More of a Cryptocurrency: Interests and Lending
Last update 31 Jan 2018: Cryptocurrency lending, margin swaps and lending bots. Is altcoin lending worth it or better to stick with BTC loans?
20 Feb 2016
Crypto Trading Bots: Where to run an altcoin trading bot?
Last update 26 Jun 2018: Crypto trading bot can be a good way to earn bitcoin or altcoins on small but frequent price movements. It is not quite a passive income though.
User Guide  27 Jan 2016
Altcoin trading charts
Last update 18 Dec 2017: Where to get the best charts and charting tools for altcoin trading and technical analysis.